Ramtoms RM/310 Microwave Review – A Ramtoms Microwave With Grill

Ramtons RM 310 Microwave

A microwave oven is one of the most important necessities in every household. Talk about something to warm a meal quickly or even cook another hustle free. What if in addition to the above, the microwave can also grill, it becomes even more useful. We landed our hands on a Ramtons microwave with a grill, the RM/310 and below is what we found.

 Ramtons is one of the companies that makes some of the top microwave ovens.  You can check our review of the best microwave brands in Kenya here. In this review we are going to reveal the good and the bad side of this brand.

Ramtons RM/310 Review – A Ramtoms Microwave With a Grill

If you are looking for an affordable microwave oven that can warm, cook and grill your meals, then we recommend the Ramtons RM/310. It has a capacity of 20 litres, a microwave output power of 700W with 11 microwave power levels and a grill power of 1000 W.

It comes with a 99 mins digital timer. It has 6 auto menus which include potato, popcorn, meat, frozen pizza, beverage and frozen vegetable. Features a cooking end signal. It has a stainless steel rack for grilling and a glass turntable for warming or cooking regular meals.

If you are wondering what all this will cost you you will be be surprised at how affordable it is. This Ramtons microwave price in Kenya is about KES 7800, check the current price on Jumia.

Features of Ramtons RM/310

Oven Capacity: 20L

Ramtons RM 310 Features
An Opened Ramtoms RM 310 Microwave

Rated Output Power (Microwave): 700W

Rated Input Power (Grill): 1000W

Rated Voltage: 230V~50Hz

Net Weight: Approx.10.7kg

Turntable Diameter: 255mm


External Dimensions (LxWxH): 439.5x343x258.2mm)


Ramtons RM/310 Microwave Packaging and Unboxing
Ramtons RM 310 Packaging

Ramtoms RM 310 comes well packaged in a carton/cardboard which has nice cushioning against shock. However it is highly advisable to handle it with care when transporting or moving from place to place to avoid breakages especially of the glass turntable and front glass window.

A Ramtons microwave with grill like RM/310 usually comes with a special stainless steel rack for the grilling function. The rack is well packaged inside the microwave. Both the microwave and grill function can used separately at the touch of a button. 


Six Auto Menus

It has 6 auto menus which enable one to prepare common meals easily with the default settings. The auto menus include potato, popcorn, meat, frozen pizza, beverage, and frozen vegetable.

Microwave Power

You may be asking yourself what microwave wattage do you need. For microwaves, more watts equals to more power. A microwave rated at 700-watt will cook more efficiently and quickly than one rated 500 watts.  Ramtons RM 310 microwave is rated at 700 Watts.

Microwave ovens rated below 700 watts are usually slower and sometimes cook food unevenly. Generally, the higher the microwave power rating the less the cooking time.  A 1000 watts microwave can do a little better than this average 700W microwave.

However, it is good to remember that high power microwave ovens usually cost more and consume more power. This applies when you are working with a budget or using the microwave in a unreliable power supply such as an inverter, generator or camper van.

Do not worry too much about change in microwave wattage from your previous model to a new one. All one needs to do is test different timings when cooking or boiling drinks to determine the most ideal time.

Ramtons RM 310 Grill Power

Ramtons RM/310 Microwave Oven Parts
Ramtons RM/310 Microwave Oven Parts

If you are still wondering what is a microwave with grill please note that you will get all features of a regular microwave combined with an internal grill. The grill features uses a heating element plus microwave cooking to brown such foods as roasted meat. RM 310 comes with a grill power 1000 watts which is quite powerful.

It is good to note that a microwave’s grill element is not as powerful as a conventional grill which makes toasting slower and the meals can become drier. I did roast goat meat on this Ramtons Microwave and I was impressed by the results. The meat had a nice texture and an attractive browning appearance. Am yet to prepare pizza using the grill/combo feature and will update the results here.

Cleaning and Maintenance of a Microwave Oven

If the Microwave oven is not maintained in a good state of cleanliness, its surface could be degraded and affect the lifespan of the apparatus nor lead to a dangerous situation. To avoid any damaging this kitchen equipment it is highly advisable to observe proper maintenance practices as outlined in the Ramtons RM 310 microwave manual which can be downloaded here on the official website.

Some of the routine maintenance practices include wiping the microwave oven with a damp cloth free from abrasives followed by drying with a dry cloth. After using for sometime one can clean by heating lemon in bowl inside the microwave.

In summary, the Ramtons RM 310 microwave oven is one of the best ovens in the mid-range category. It is powerful and versatile. The grill feature takes it to the next level. After using this microwave for more than 5 months  I can highly recommend it to anyone. It has never failed to warm food. It’s price is also good based on its functionalities and build quality. It retails at around KsH. 7800. You can buy it on Jumia.

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