Honeypot Technique Technology and How it Works in Cyber Security

Honeypot Technique Technology

The focus of any deception technology is to stop a cyber criminal from accessing a network and doing any substantial harm. The honeypot technique technology works by creating ploys or deception traps that mimic certain system assets throughout the structure. These decoys can produce computer-generated or real operating system settings. A honeypot technique technology¬† is … Read more

Top Electric Fence Installers in Kenya

Electric fence installer in Kenya

Electric fences have become an important part of securing our homes and businesses in Kenya. As the need for reliable security solutions continues to rise, so does the demand for good electric fence installers in Kenya. This guide post aims to take you through the process of choosing the top electric fence installers in Kenya, … Read more

How to Choose a Good Bluetooth Speaker

Every music lover knows how it feels to own a Bluetooth speaker but getting the best and choose among the many brands is a hassle. In this guide am going to show you how to choose a good Bluetooth speaker. As majority of you know, a Bluetooth speaker is a wireless device that produces high-quality … Read more