Top 5 Best Web Designers in Kenya

In the current digital and connected world, having a website for your business or company or organization is a must have to increase on reach and sales. Am going to share on some of the best web designers in Kenya based on research.

You might be interested in owning a webpage and generating more income but lack the technical abilities to realize this goal. You do not have to worry; there are many reputable website designers in Kenya that will make your endeavor much easier.

Here are some of the best website designers in Kenya based on our research. These web developers have proved to produce high quality websites that meet customer expectations.

Best Web Designers in Kenya

1. Online Molen

Ranking position 1 on the best web designers in Kenya is Online Molen. This digital firm has very experienced web designers that have increasingly become popular in both the Kenyan and global market.

Online Molen
Online Molen

Online Molen have exemplified their professionalism by working with reputable brands such as Bold Africa Studios,  The County Business Week, and Medistus Limited among others. They have gathered many positive reviews from their clients

Online Molen web designing services include Web Design, SEO Services and Niche Website training. Compared to other web designers in the list, their prices are quite pocket-friendly.

For consistently developing high content to clients, Online Molen are undoubtedly the best web designers in  Kenya. They are also one of the leading ecommerce website developers in Kenya.

Location: Jeda Plaza, Lumumba Drive, Nairobi

Phone: 0728 569 060


2. Nairobi Digital Hub Agency

Nairobi Digital Hub Agency is a growing web-service provider in Kenya. They also take pride in as one of the best web designers in Kenya based on quality of work and customer feedback.

Nairobi Digital Hub Agency logo

Away from web designing, Nairobi Digital Hub Agency has convincingly excelled at other web services. With their commitment to consistently improve Nairobi Digital Hub Agency are among best web designers in Nairobi.

Location: Ngara Road, NXT to KCB Bank

Phone: 0726529055


3. DevOps Web Designers

DevOps Web Designers take pride at offering expert web design services. Their services include web design packages and SEO services.

DevOps Web Designers in Kenya

They offer affordable web design services in Kenya . It is my presumption that this is not the case with DevOps Web Designers. They offer a high quality product.

Location: Ghale House, Moi Avenue

Phone: +254711116533


4. Brait Consulting Limited

Brait Consulting Limited are website designers in Nairobi. Their specialization is web design, SEO and marketing. Having been in the market for more than 7 years, they have shown they can handle the pressures within the industry.

Brait logo

Glowbal Digital web designers strive for high-quality e-commerce website development. As such, with little more experience they will be on top of their games in the coming years.

Location: Lower Hill Duplex Building

Phone: +254 722 973 964


5. Smart Web Kenya

Smart Web Kenya has been offering web designing services in Kenya since 2013. Their decorated portfolio is a testimony of their reliability for website development services.

Smartweb Logo

Their services include web design, custom web development and mobile applications. Smart Web only undoing is that they have not included the essential SEO services. In the realm of highly competitive web design industry, SEO services are so important.

Website Design Prices in Kenya

Website design prices in Kenya depend on various factors such us the type of website from portfolio, business, e-commerce, or corporate website. Packages are subject to different rates.

Here are some factors that determine website design prices:


Domain is the name that you will use for your online presence. That said, when opening a website, the initial step is to purchase and register a domain name.

Domain names can in different formats (.org, and .com). Depending on your preferences domain names are sold at different prices.

Typically, a domain name will cost you between Ksh. 900 and Ksh. 10,000.

Website Hosting

Website hosting makes your site accessible by online communities. Hosting companies charge different fees depending on your choice. As such, shared hosting is cheaper compared to dedicated hosting.

Generally, hosting prices range between Ksh. 2,100 and Ksh. 25,000 per year based on plan you choose.

Web Design Cost

Reputable web designers in Kenya (like Online Molen) will charge you a certain design fee to develop a high-quality website. Many of them offer different packages that is meant to cater the different needs of customers.

 Website Content

For your website to rank high on search engines, you need relevant and compelling content (posts). It is worth noting strategically using SEO keywords will improve your rating.

Professional writers usually charge 1-5 Kenya shillings per word, but you can bargain the rate.

The above are some of the things that determine website design Kenya prices. But no need to be worried because of these costs. For every valuable business venture comes with a significant investment.

When your website is up and running and adheres to standard quality, you will start making good profits within no time.

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Closing Remarks

From our research, some of the best web designers in Kenya include Online Molen, Nairobi Digital Hub Agency, and DevOps Web Designers among others. Our listing is based on our independent research based on quality of services and customer feedback.

Having a website for your business will be very beneficial because it will attract more customers and increase your sales. This will result to increased profits and thus we recommend you to have one.

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