Best SmartWatches in Kenya

Best smartwatches in Kenya

Having a smartwatch is more than just a luxury but more of a must have device. This is why I thought it is a good idea to share some of the best smartwatches in Kenya based on my experience. A smartwatch gives you updates and notifications without having to access your smartphone. Ideally, a smartwatch … Read more

Best Power Banks in Kenya and Their Prices

Best power banks in Kenya

Am certain that you know that a power bank is a portable charger that is rechargeable and used to charge battery-powered gadgets such as phones, Bluetooth earphones, and any other portable electronics. With all the many fake power banks going round it is good to go for the best power banks in Kenya that are … Read more

Best Bluetooth Speakers in Kenya and their Prices

Best Bluetooth speakers in Kenya

Having a good Bluetooth speaker is one of the best things since one can enjoy music anytime and anywhere especially when traveling. In this review, am going to show you some of the best Bluetooth speakers in Kenya that will not disappoint you. With a Bluetooth speaker you can freely enjoy your music in the … Read more