Privacy Policy

At (TechPiton, We, Site Us, Website), we value your privacy. Consequently, we have built this privacy policy to let you know how personal information is collected, used and communicated. This is our privacy and for our partners please go through their respective policies.

When you access, certain information is obtained from the session. Like any other commercial site, TechPiton makes use of a standard technology known as ‘cookies’ (more information below) as well as server logs to gather information on the usage of our site. The information collected using this technology may comprise of the date and time of visits, time spent on our website, the post/posts viewed, and other sites visited immediately before or after our site and your IP address.

How Cookies are Used

A cookie is a tiny text document which has a unique but anonymous identifier. Almost every website can send its cookies to a visitor’s browser if the preferences of your browser allow it. However, in order to protect the user’s privacy, the browser only allows a website to gain access to the cookies it had already sent to the user instead of cookies sent to the visitor by other websites.

Email Information

In case a user chooses to correspond to our Website via email, we may keep the contents of the email, our responses, and the email address. This is also applicable when a visitor registers on our site, signs up via any of our contact forms using their email address or buy anything on this site. We safeguard your email addresses and we do not rent, sell or lease details of our subscribers to third parties unless required to do so by law.

IP Addresses

A user’s IP address is used by the computer every time one is connected on the internet for identification purposes. Our web server automatically collects IP addresses as part of the profile and demographic data labeled as traffic data so that such data as the requested web pages can be sent to the visitor.

How We Use the Information provided by our Site Visitors

Generally, we use the personal information provided by users for providing customer services, running our activities, and ensuring our visitors get similar services or items. We do not access personally-identifying information when a person visits our site unless they decide to provide the information to us.


Our website gives the users the chance to choose whether they would like to receive communications from us or our partners or not by following the unsubscribe options located at the bottom of all the emails we send to them.

Terms of External Links may contain links to several other sites. We do our best to only link to authentic websites but cannot give an assurance of the accuracy of the content found in the linked websites.

Intellectual Property Rights

All trademarks, copyrights, patents, and other forms of intellectual property rights contained in our site remains to the sole property of its licensors. The usage of any intellectual property is strictly forbidden without prior written consent from its owners.

You should not:

  • Republish content from without an express written consent
  • Redistribute material from our site including posting it on another site
  • Copy, duplicate, reproduce, create derivative or else exploit material on our site
  • Rent or sell any content from our website.

Acceptable Use

Our users have to agree to make use our site for lawful purposes only, and in such a way that doesn’t trespass the rights of, inhibit or restrict other people’s use and satisfaction of using the website.

Behavior that is prohibited on our website includes use of offensive or obscene language, harassment or causing any form of distress or unsettling the flow of dialogue within our site. Do not use our site to send uncalled-for commercial information or marketing without prior written consent from us.

Rights to Restricted Access

In the future, certain needs may require us to restrict the access to certain sections (or all) of our site and we reserve full rights to do so.

Usage of Testimonials

We abide by FTC guidelines in terms of the use of testimonials and endorsements in our marketing campaigns. It should be noted that the testimonials that are published on this website are usually received via text, video or audio submissions. They are real personal experiences that represent life experiences from people who have actually used our products or services or products we recommend.

How We Protect Users’ Information and Secure Transmissions of Information

Some of the data or information you may enter on our site may be transmitted securely via secure infrastructure identified as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Email is not documented as a secure channel of communication. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to send private data or information to us via email. Nevertheless, it is permitted for one to do at their own risk. Credit Card information, as well as other sensitive data, is never conveyed via email.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

The content on this website is offered ‘as is’ and no implied or express warranty of any type is provided including warranties of non-infringement of intellectual property, merchantability or fitness for any specific purpose. Under no circumstances shall it or its associates or agents be liable for any kind of damage (including and not limited to damages for loss of information, loss of profits, injury, business interruption, or death), resulting from the improper use of the materials despite having been cautioned of the likelihood of loss or damages.

Privacy Policy Changes

The right to amend this policy at any time is reserved by us with or without any prior notice. Nonetheless, we guarantee you that if this privacy policy changes in the future, we will not use your personal information submitted on this website in such a way that is essentially inconsistent with this particular policy without requesting for prior consent from you. 

We commit ourselves to carry out our business according to these principles in order to make sure that the confidentiality of personal data is safeguarded and maintained.


In case you have any questions concerning this privacy policy or anything surrounding how you deal with our website, feel free to contact us here.