Best Fridges In Kenya In 2023 (A Review and Prices)

Sometimes back, fridges were considered a luxury. Times have changed and it has become one of the most important household appliances together with a good microwave. Everything we do in our daily lives revolve around food and that is why you need the best fridge in Kenya.

Whether on a healthy life journey or the normal food consumption curve, we need to stock up on variety of foods to make our lives easier and save cost.

We are also in a phase in the Kenyan economy where buying perishables and other commodities in bulk is not only cost saving but saves on time too.

But all this may not be possible without having a good storage plan for these commodities. Otherwise losses would be insurmountable and depressing both to our pockets and psychological well being.

There is a myriad of factors to consider before purchasing a good fridge online or from your nearest retailer.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Fridge

  • Volume/Capacity – Choose a fridge depending on the quantity of goods you wish to preserve which of course depends on the size of your family. It is measured in litres or cubic feet.
  • Configuration – It is good to consider if the fridge is designed as a top freezer, bottom freezer, counter-depth,  side by side, French door, or mini refrigerator depending on your purpose.
  • Aesthetics – A good should look good and make you a proud owner which will give you the flexibility to either place it in the sitting room, kitchen, or anywhere else.
  • Warranty – A good fridge should offer a warranty spanning over some reasonable time so that in case it fails one can get a replacement or refund
  • Pricing – Fridge prices in Kenya range from about Ksh. 25,000 to Ksh. 299,000 for some of the best brands outlined below. You have to ensure you get value for your hard-earned cash. 

We have therefore gone out of our way to review some of the best fridges in Kenya this year. Whether you are looking for a budget friendly fridge or something on the high end, we have you covered with several top-notch options.

Our Top Picks – Best Fridges in KenyaLG Instaview Fridge - Best Fridges in Kenya

Best Overall: LG Instaview Side by Side Fridge – This was found to be the best fridge in Kenya due to its impeccable features (side-by-side), capacity (668 litres) and performance. Read the full review below.

Best Value: Samsung RT44K5052SL Double Door Fridge – This fridge emerged our second best due to its good features and fair pricing. It has an above average capacity (362 Litres) ideal for most families. Read more below.

Best Budget: Ramtons RF/173 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge– This is most ideal fridge for someone on a budget. It has a fairly good build quality and performance. Read more below.

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Comparison Table For Best Fridges in Kenya

FridgeLG Instaview Side by Side FridgeSamsung RT44K5052SL Double Door FridgeRamtons RF /173Bruhm BRD 348FSuper General SGR 175HSBruhmn BRD-140
ImageLG Instaview Fridge - Best Fridges in Kenyasamsung rt44k5052sl fridge in Kenya
Capacity (Litres)668 L362 L128 L330 L175 L120 L
Finish ColourPlatinum SilverSilverSilverStainless SteelSilverSilver Blue
Dimensions (cm)91.2 x 179 x 73.8675 x 171.5 x 66.8129.5x 46.5x 55NA48 X 53 X 115NA
DoorSide-by-SideDouble DoorDouble DoorDouble doorDouble doorDouble Door
Door LockYesYesNoYesYes (Freezer Compartment)Yes
Weight (kg)219.0973.522.19233035
Cooling SystemNo Frost FreeNo FrostDirect CoolFrost FreeDirect CoolDirect Cool
Warranty10 Years10 Years1 Year2 Year Warranty / Five Year Compressor WarrantyOne Year Warranty / Five Year Compressor Warranty2 Year Warranty / Five Year Compressor Warranty
Other ComponentsIce dispenser,
ThinQ intelligent control
Twin Cooling Technology, Deodorizing Filter Saves energy, low noiseChromed Fridge Handle, Automatic Condenser, Frost FreeCFC Free (Climate friendly)Adjustable Legs, Low Noise, manual Defrost
PriceAround Ksh. 299, 000
Check Price on Jumia
Around Ksh. 67,000

Check Price on Jumia
Around Ksh, 30,100
Check Price on Jumia
Around Ksh, 44, 990
Check Price on Jumia
Around Ksh, 27,999

Check Price on Jumia
Around Ksh, 25,990
Check Price on Jumia

The Best Fridges in Kenya

1. LG Instaview Side by Side Fridge

LG GC-X247CSAV Instaview emerged as our top choice in our unbiased analysis of best fridges in Kenya due to it’s impeccable features, capacity, and performance. One of it’s most outstanding features is the tap to see capability where one just taps on it glass door to see the contents inside without opening the fridge.

This is a massive 668 litres fridge that is ideal for most families including large ones. It is also a frost free fridge that is smart with the ThinkQ feature which connects to WiFi for easy control and alerts.

LG is beyond any doubt one of the leading manufacturers of quality refrigerators and that is why they hold a significant 30% of the global market share. They constantly reinvent the design of fridges and the LG Instaview is a true testimony.

This fridge is built around LG’s trademarked Door-In-Door™ design which is basically an improved side by side configuration that has double-layered door that opens on a touch of a button. This unique door helps reduce the loss of cold air while enabling one to access their food items easily. This saves energy and time in the long run.

If you have a single door fridge, it is the high time to upgrade to the stylish and effective double door fridges. This will spruce up your house and make it easier to manage your house. LG is beyond any reasonable doubt the best fridge brand in Kenya.

You can check the current price of LG Instaview Fridge here.

Specifications of LG  Instaview FridgeLG Instaview Side by Side Fridge - One if the best fridges in kenya

  •  A capacity of 668 litres (23.59 ft³)
  • Door-In-Door design for reduced cold air loss
  • Frost freee
  • Elegant textured steel finish
  • SpacePlus Ice System –slice icemaker mounted on the door thus convenient and leaving more room in the freezer compartments
  • Express Freezing
  • Led Lighting –  Energy saving softer and brighter light
  • Extra Utility box – Optimized storage space for smaller food items such as cheese,  small fruits, and deli
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Turns refrigerator to freezer and vice versa

LG  Instaview Fridge Review

Despite them not being very common in Kenyan homes, Door-in-Door fridges have been available for sometime now. The innovation by LG has taken the technology to whole new level. They call it the LG SIGNATURE series.

We consider it one of the most innovative and stylish fridges available in Kenya today. It was found to be very dependable in keeping food stuffs fresh .

Its shiny mirrored glass panel that illuminates when one double knocks leaves most people amazed. It allows people to see inside the main compartment without opening the refrigerator which saves on cold air.

Unlike other fridges, it comes with the superb inverter linear compressor which save a lot of energy. This happens because they are smart interconnected and thus control cooling based on the quantity of food in the fridge. This saves about 32% bills (hey KPLC?). Combined with the Door-in-Door technology the energy savings can be as high as 51%.

These compressors also run within a small range temperature of ±0.5°C which is approximately half the range of conventional compressors. These compressors were also found to have reduced noise by about 25%.

The LG Instaview Refrigerator also comes with the FreshBalancer and Hygiene Fresh features. The FRESHBalancer switch is located in the vegetables and fruits compartments and its function is to regulate the humidity and keep it at idle levels.

This feature helps in maintaining the texture and flavour of the fruits and also retention of nutrients for a longer duration.

The Hygiene Fresh+ is a highly intelligent feature where the air filter makes use of UV light as well as photo-catalyst mechanism for the eradication of 99.9% of the bacteria and odor from the fridge.

This is combined with an Anti-bacterial gasket which helps in maintaining the freshness of the food by preventing the entry and accumulation of bacterial spores that would otherwise lead to spoilage of food.

This LG fridge is a close competitor of the top Whirlpool fridges. One of the disadvantages of this fridge is that it is a bit pricey. You can check the current price of LG Instaview Fridge here. However, it is worth every penny due to its great performance.


  • Big storage capacity at 668 litres
  • SpacePlus Ice System
  • Mirrored glass viewing window
  • Integrated Smart ThinQ (IoT) with mobile app
  • Safety child lock
  • Frost free
  • FRESHBalancer and Hygiene Fresh+ combined with an Anti-Bacterial Gasket
  • Express Freezing
  • Smart Diagnosis for Faster Service and Troubleshooting
  • Elegant look
  • Energy efficient Inverter Linear Compressor
  • Low noise


  • A bit pricey (but worth it)
  • The mirrored glass is not very sensitive

2. Samsung RT49K5052SL Double Door Fridge

After hours of analysis, Samsung RT49K5052SL Double Door Fridge emerged as the second best fridge in Kenya. As per the name, this is a double door fridge with a top freezer configuration.

This fridge comes with a good capacity at 384 litres which is sufficient for an average family or office that does not require to store a lot of perishables.  It fits well in medium spaces either in the kitchen or somewhere else.

Samsung RT49K5052SL has the innovative digital inverter compressor. This is highly efficient and ensures the temperature is well regulated inside the refrigerator. It also saves on energy cost, has a low carbon footprint, long lifespan, and minimal noise.

Samsung Fridge prices in Kenya range from about Ksh. 38,000 to Ksh 150,000 depending on size and features.

You can check the current price on Jumia by clicking here.

Features of Samsung Double Door Fridgesamsung rt44k5052sl fridge in Kenya

  • Capacity – 490 liters (17.3042 ft³)
  • Operating Mode – Quiet (Zero to Minimal Noise)
  • Dimensions (W×H×D)- 74.4 cm × 190.4 cm × 76.6 cm
  • 4 Star Energy Efficiency Class
  • Has a Child Lock
  • Door Style – Double Door
  • Comes with Temperature Controls
  • Inbuilt Door Locks And Alarms
  • Has Good Interior Lights
  • Four Shelves
  • 1 Drawer
  • No LED Displays
  • Lacks a Water /Ice Dispenser

Samsung RT49K5052SL Fridge Review

This is generally an above average sized fridge 490 litres. It is approximately twice the size of the regular Hisense RD28DR4SA fridge which is a common fridge for singles or small families at 226 litres.

It is about quadruple the size of a Ramtons RF173 fridge which is a common beginner fridge in Kenya at 126 litres (Read the full review if this fridge below).  By comparing the above sizes you can tell that Samsung RT49K5052SL is indeed a big refrigerator.

One of its most outstanding features is the No Frost technology which does not allow frost to form on the food or walls of the fridge. This technology also refrigerates faster.

It also comes with Samsung’s Twin Cooling Plus Technology which helps in the control of temperature and humidity by separating the moisture level in the fridge and freezer to preserve food for longer.

One disadvantage of this fridge is that it lacks LED displays and thus one cannot easily monitor the conditions inside. However, this is expected of a medium sized fridge since it is not as spacious as the side by side fridges.

Inn Kenya, you can check out this fridge on Jumia where it retails for about Ksh. 87,043.


  • Above average capacity
  • No Frost on food
  • Minimal to no noise
  • High energy efficiency
  • No LED Displays

3. Ramtons RF/173 Double Door Fridge

Ramtons is a household name in Kenya and many other countries. They offer some of the best fridges in Kenya in terms of budget, variety, availability and efficiency.  To cater for all  price points in Kenya (including budget options) in our society we went out to review Ramtons model RF/173.

It is a double door fridge that has a top freezer. The fridge uses the direct cool system which therefore means that it is one of the best fridges in Kenya as it can be able to create its own ice.

The glass shelves can be easily removed and replaced. The shelves also tend to contain any spillages unlike the wire shelves.

For extra storage, the fridge has racks on the door. Thus you can store your beverages for that extra cold during the sunny season.

The internal LED lighting consumes less amps of electricity.

The large transparent box at the bottom of the fridge allows lots of space for vegetables and fruits at a temperature of around 0⁰ C to help maintain freshness and quality of the vegetables.

Currently you can grab it on Jumia for a price of about Ksh 30,100.

Features of the Ramtons RF/173 Double Door Refrigerator

  • Gross Storage capacity of 128 litresRamtons RF 173 Fridge Price in Kenya
  • Silver colour finish
  • Double door fridge with side storage
  • CFC Free thus environment friendly
  • Conserves energy at A+ rating
  • LED light
  • Direct Cool system for cooling
  • Two compartments: freezer and cooling
  • Transparent vegetable box and bottle racks
  • Zanussi compressor
  • Glass shelves for high end look
  • 1 year warranty


  • Affordable fridge
  • Average size to fit various positions
  • Adequate for small family of 2-3 people


  • Direct cool thus requires defrosting when cleaning

4. Bruhm BRD 348F Double Door Frost Free Fridge

Bruhm has positioned itself as one of the top brands in Kenya and their model BRD 348F Double Door Frost Free fridge is one of the best fridges in Kenya. It gives class a new definition because it is affordable and looks elegant.

One of its key features is that it is frost free which means it self-defrosts and you don’t need any tools for that.  Its life expectancy is also greater which can be confirmed by its 2-year warranty on the fridge and an up to 5-year warranty on its compressor.

Being one of the best fridges, it gives an assurance of storage for variety of foods. It comes accessorized with glass shelves for easy cleaning, egg trays, and a vegetable box that ensures that your vegetables and fruits remain fresh for longer periods of time.

Bruhm BRD 348F refrigerator is currently retailing on Jumia for about Ksh. 44,990, giving you value for your money.  You can check or buy Bruhm BRD 348F on Jumia by clicking here.

Specifications of Bruhm BRD 348F Fridge

  • Storage capacity of 330 litres equivalent to 12.5 Cubic feet
  • Frost freeBruhm BRD 348F Fridge
  • Stainless steel colour finish
  • Double door fridge
  • Internal lighting for easy visibility of items
  • Lock and key for safety of kids
  • Glass shelves to hold more weight
  • Egg trays and vegetable box
  • Separate freezer compartment with door trays
  • Beautiful Chromed fridge handle
  • Automatic condenser
  • 2 year warranty on fridge
  • 5-year warranty for the compressor


  • It is frost free
  • Affordable fridge


  • May sometimes warm outside

4. Super General SGR175HS Fridge

The Super general kitchen appliances are not yet popular or known in the Kenyan market.  It is one of those hidden gem company that manufactures the best fridges in Kenya.  One of its models that we review as a best fridge in Kenya is SGR175HS.

The Super General fridge price in Kenya is around Ksh 20,999 as seen on Jumia.

Its silver finish exterior makes it eye appealing to the lovers of aesthetics. This means it can suit any interior decor theme.

The cooling compartment door has trays for extra storage. It also comes accessorized with a transparent vegetable box that you can slide in and out for cleaning and putting in your groceries.

Since it uses the direct cool system it is more efficient on energy consumption. Hence you don’t need to worry about increased power bills.

The wire shelves are adjustable to fit in any size of commodity.

Key Features for Super General SGR175HS Fridge

  • Storage capacity of 175 litres equivalent to 6.1 Cubic feet
  • Direct cool systemSuper General SGR175HS Fridge price in Kenya
  • Silver colour exterior
  • Double door fridge with top freezer
  • Internal lighting for easy visibility of items
  • CFC free
  • Tropical compressor
  • Lock and Key for freezer compartment
  • Wire shelves
  • Vegetable box
  • Separate freezer compartment
  • 1 year warranty on fridge
  • 5 year warranty for the compressor




The appearance is not very attractive

5. Bruhm BRD -140 Double Door Fridge

Stylish, sleek, efficient, affordable, reliable and durable are some of the words one can use to describe Bruhm BRD-140 double door fridge. It is one of the best fridges in Kenya manufactured by Bruhm.

One of its key features is that is has low noise as would be expected of most fridges. Who wouldn’t love some quietness in the kitchen?

Though small in size, it is spacious making it ideal for small kitchens, an office or small businesses that require a refrigerator. This Bruhm 120L fridge will meet the needs of such as facility.

The manufactures guarantee a 2 year warranty for the fridge and a five year warranty for its compressor. This is because it is much durable. The Naivas supermarket fridges prices were found to be  slightly higher than Jumia.

The Bruhmn Fridge prices in Kenya varies with model; the BRD 140 is currently retailing for about Ksh 25,990 on Jumia. Jumia

Features of the Bruhm BRD140 Double Door Refrigerator

  • Capacity: 120 litres or 6.5 Cubic feetBruhmn BRD 140 - Brumhn 200l Fridge
  • Double door fridge with a lock system
  • Weighs about 35 Kg
  • Lowered noise operation
  • Silver Blue sleek exterior
  • LED  interior light
  • CFC Free
  • Adjustable legs ease of movement
  • 2 year warranty on fridge
  • 5 year warranty for the compressor
  • Direct Cooling system


  • No CFC
  • Light


  • The build quality is not very strong (handle with more care)


These are some of the best fridges in Kenya you can acquire online and enjoy the benefits of having a refrigerator in your house. We hope you get one that fits your budget and lifestyle. It is evident that LG Instaview is beyond any reasonable doubt the best fridge in Kenya due to its great features but come at a cost. However, there are other more affordable models, e.g, the double door fridge price in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 23,000 and Ksh. 220,000.

Some of the best fridge brands in Kenya include LG, Samsung, Ramtons, Bruhm, Super General, Mika among others. Please note that all the above refrigerators were chosen as some of the best fridges in Kenya after a careful analysis.  Whichever model you chose depending on your preferences and budget, we are optimistic that it is going to meet your needs.