Best Washing Machines in Kenya and their Prices in 2023

Currently, a washing machine has become a must-have in many households just like a good fridge. Looking at the major benefit it brings I must say it’s a great investment and it makes washing clothes a less daunting task.

In this review, am going to reveal to you the best washing machines in Kenya and their prices based on personal experience plus extensive research.

A significant number of good washing machines are a bit pricey (more than Ksh. 50,000) but believe me or not currently, some are super affordable and starting as low as Ksh 18,000 while still performing very well. See below for various types of washing machines and their prices.

Many of the washing machines have different features in regards to capacity (volume), wash programs, power, material, and so many others. There are so many good washing machine brands in Kenya from LG, Von, Hisense, and others.

Types of Washing Machines in Kenya

There are two main types of washing machines: top load machines and front load machines.

They can either be automatic or semi-automatic depending on the make. We tried to compare between the two types but each has its advantages and flaws so you can consider either according to your preference.

Front-Load Vs Top Load Washing Machine

Top load machines are way easier to use because you don’t need to strain while bending to put clothes inside, unlike the front load machine. Top loaders are very comfortable for people with joints or back problems and also good for the elderly.

Front-load machines are good for large loads of clothes because it does not have a central axis like the top load machines, therefore, creating more space for laundry. Additionally, top load machines are narrower. Large families can consider the front load machines.

In terms of time-saving, front load machines also lead as they are designed with a horizontal drum that spins water faster out of the clothes unlike a vertical drum in the top-load machine. This also reduces the drying duration of clothes.

Front-load machines are a bit pricier than the top load. Why? They generally have more features and programs that are suitable for every type of fabric. Energy-saving levels of front-load are also great compared to that of top load and have advanced motors that do not create a loud noise.

Last but not least, despite the front loaders being expensive, in the long run, they are a great asset. They reduce some recurring costs such as water utilities, energy, and maintenance

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Washing Machine in Kenya

This is what to consider when buying a washing machine in Kenya

  • Volume-if you have a large family, all you need is adequate load capacity in your washing machine. For a usual family(small) a 6kg machine is ideal
  • Speed –the spin cycle of a washing machine is indicated by the revolutions per minute (rpm) and they all differ. Amazingly the faster the spin speed the drier your clothes will be at the end
  • Wash programs-in full automatic machines they have various wash programs like slight wash such as wool settings /hand wash mode or brutal wash such as heavy cotton or knitted clothes and as well you can customize settings for your own
  • Presence of a drier-if you are a busy person you can go for a machine that has an inbuilt drier. It is very efficient and time-saving since your clothes are discharged when 99% dry.
  • Safety lock– we know how curious children are right? if you have children you can consider a machine that has a child lock to prevent them from using or interfering with it while you are away.

Best Washing Machine in Kenya

Best Overall Washing Machine in Kenya: LG FH4G6VDGG6 Washing Machine – This 9kg washing machine comes Hisense WFHV6012 Washing Machinewith an array of features and big enough to clean your king size duvet. It has 13 wash programs for different fabrics and a selection of spinning cycles from 400 to 1400 rpm depending on the material loaded thus preserving the quality. It saves both water and energy.

Best Value Washing Machine in Kenya: Hisense WFHV6012 Washing Machine – This washing machine gives a very good value for money being a high quality 6kg front-load machine. It also comes with unique features such as Quick Wash Program at a record 15 minutes.

Cheapest Washing Machine in Kenya: Bruhm BWT-070H Washing Machine – This top load washing machine retails at around Ksh. 18,500 making it one of the cheapest washing machines in Kenya. Despite its low price this semi-automatic machine performs well and thus I can recommend it to people on a budget.


Comparison Table for the Best Washing Machines in Kenya

Washing MachineLG FH4G6VDGG6Ramtons RW/146Hisense WFHV6012Bruhm BWT-070HMika MWAFS3107SL
ImageLG FH4G6VDGG6 Washing Machine - Best Washing Machine in KenyaRamtons RW146 Washing Machine in KenyaHisense WFHV6012 Washing MachineBruhm BWT-070H Washing MachineMika MWAFS3107SL Washing Machine
TypeFront-loadFront-loadFront-loadTop loadFront-load
Washing load9kg8kg6kg7kg7kg
Dryer load5kg6kgNo DryerNo DryerNo Dryer
Maximum speed /Spinning cycle (rpm)1400 rpm1400 rpm1200 rpm1000 rpm1200 rpm
Dimensions (H x W x L)85cm x 55cm x 60 cm85cmx60cmx51cm85cmx59.5cmx46cm87cmx46cmx78cm59.5cmx49.5cmx85cm
Machine weight35kg66kg54kg22kg64kg
Warranty2 Years1 Year2 Years1 Year1 Year
Additional featuresInverter direct drive motor, inbuilt pump drainLED DisplayUnique snowflake
drum system,
Quick wash program
Semi-automaticOverheating protection, delay start
Price in Kenya (Ksh)Around Ksh. 113,495
Check Price on Jumia
Around Ksh. 81,200
Check Price on Jumia
Around Ksh. 35,600
Check Price on Jumia
Around Ksh. 18,900
Check Price on Jumia
Around Ksh. 54,000
Check Price on Jumia

Top 5 Best Washing Machines in Kenya

  1. LG FH4G6VDGG6 Washing Machine

This is a well-styled washing machine with a very good performance and elegant design. The tempered glass door is less prone to any breakage and also visible inside.

LG FH4G6VDGG6 Washing Machine is big and most suitable for medium size and large families. It is very dependable for places that require washing lots of clothes. Being a 9kg machine I found it capable of washing large fabrics including king size duvets.

This machine unlike other many machines has an inverter control system that controls speed fluxes and saves energy while washing. If you are doing commercial laundry this machine will save you lots of your money as it has already qualified the energy star.

LG FH4G6VDGG6 Washing Machine - Best Washing Machine in Kenya

Its speed ranges from 400 rpm to 1400 rpm which changes automatically depending on the setting selected e.g. cotton setting the machine revolves at 1400 rpm while for Delicate clothes it spins at 1800rpm. This helps in maintaining the clothes or fabric in a good condition unlike some other machines which usually spin at the same speed disregarding the materials that have been loaded.

Its rotating inner drum is embossed and it creates an interaction with the clothes. This helps to deep clean the clothes and they come out with no stain. The drum is also stainless and resistant to rust. It is difficult to get rid of rust once it is on the fabric.

This machine has an inverter direct motor that performs perfectly with minimal vibrations and low noise. The motor has a 10 year warranty.

Also, this LG washing machine has a status-led indicator that indicates the cycle status whether wash rinse or spin or medic rinse. It dries up to 5kg per loading.

It is without doubt that the best washing machine in Kenya is LG FH4G6VDGG6.

The only shortcoming with this machine is that it is a bit pricey as it retails at around Ksh. 113,495. However, I believe it is worth every penny due to its extensive functionality and good performance.  You can get washing machine on Jumia Kenya.

Features of LG FH4G6VDGG6 Washing Machine

  • LED display
  • Inverter direct-drive motor
  • 9 Kg washing load capacity
  • 5 kg dryer load capacity
  • Inbuilt pump drain
  • Reduces allergens by 99.9% using steam
  • Status led indicator
  • Silver finish
  • 1400 rpm
  • Atomizing nozzle system
  • 5 washing options
  • Measures 85cm x 55cm x 60 cm (HXWxD)


  • Best for medium size to large families
  • Has qualified the energy star
  • Has no noise while operating
  • Good for the long run
  • Elegant and attractive design


  • Quite expensive
  1. Ramtons RW/146 Washing Machine

This machine has a very good design makes washing clothes a walk in the park. It has a very good build quality and comes with an 8kg washing load capacity and 6kg dryer. This is the actual deal for large households.

Ramtons RW/146 has a stainless steel rotating drum spins 1400rpm which saves energy and also conserves your water consumption. The speed is gentle enough for your clothes.

About this, it requires the power connection that is behind the water inlet and the drain outlet. Not to forget that it is fully automated and all you need to do is just monitor the process.

Ramtons RW146 Washing Machine in Kenya

The machine has 16 programs to choose from while washing your clothes. I will just point out a few functions that are sportswear, cotton, delicate, wool synthetic colors jeans, and others.

Another favorable program that I won’t leave out is the baby care program which gives room for an extra rinse of baby clothes leaving minimal detergent excesses. This is such a good feature as babies are so sensitive to detergents.

Ramtons RW/146 also has a my cycle feature that saves all the programs that have been used regularly and it enhances ease while using it. It also has a child lock feature that prevents a child to operate without the help of an adult.

Just above the front load, it has a small dispenser that is partitioned where you pour in your washing powder and any other washing detergent such as fabric softener.

Features of Ramtons RW/146 Washing Machine

  • Front load
  • LED display
  • 1400 rpm
  • Wash capacity of 8kg and 6 kg dryer
  • 16programs
  • 1400rpm
  • Child lock
  • Water and drain inlet
  • Power connection
  • Measures 85cmx60cmx51cm (HXWxD)


  • Very efficient and time-saving
  • Has child safety measures
  • Good number of programs
  • High energy and water efficiency
  • Suitable for large households


  • Quite expensive


  1. Hisense WFHV6012 Washing Machine

Amongst all washing machines, I find this one perfect to fit in a small space and also okay for small households. It is well-designed and has user-friendly 15 separate wash programs selected based on what you are washing.

With the help of Smart Wash time technology, it balances and regulates the cycle and makes sure there is 100% performance while saving energy and water.

The quick wash function is another such deal it washes your clothes, much faster than your normal cycle. Imagine just 15minutes time.

Another important program is the delicate wash that soft cleans and washes all the stains in your clothes.

Did you know that a washing machine after being used for a long time dust can accumulate in the drum also the growth of mold? Now in this scenario, this machine has a drum clean setting that is designed to cleanse your machine.

Hisense WFHV6012 Washing Machine

There are other programs like the wool, synthetic, cotton, duvet, mixes, sportswear rinse and spin, and others. Unfortunately, it does not have other programs such as silent wash, hand wash, and baby care.

It works greatly towards reducing energy costs by having an A+++ rating. For another fantastic rating, let’s highlight the spin speed of 1200rpm. The digital display guides you on which temperature you are on, shows the speed and also the remaining time.

All in all, it is a very favorable and suitable machine for small households. A While back as I window-shopped in Carrefour washing machine Kenya section; the prices where a bit steep and  I just opted to get it online on Jumia Kenya. Yes, talk of convenience and no struggle for delivery.

Features of Hisense WFHV6012 Washing Machine

  • Quick Wash Function – 15 minutes
  • LED display
  • Smart wash time technology
  • Safety lock
  • Smart foam control
  • Snowflake drum system
  • Touch button
  • 15 programs
  • High handle design
  • High door design
  • Time delay
  • 1200rpm
  • Measures 85cmx59.5cmx46cm (HxWXD)


  • Has safety lock
  • Has a drum clean setting
  • Suitable for small households
  • User-friendly programs
  • Saves energy and water consumption
  • Very quiet and efficient machine


  • Has no inverter control system


  1. Bruhm BWT-070H Washing Machine

This is one of the best home appliances to use. It is a twin tub machine with a wash load of 7kgs. It is perfectly fit in a single household.

Bruhm BWT-070H Washing Machine retails at around Ksh. 18500 on Jumia Kenya making it one of the cheapest washing machine in Kenya. Despite its low price it performs pretty well and only lacks a dryer.

The best thing is it is a top-load machine and you don’t need to struggle to bend while loading your clothes. This is so fantastic! For it being a semi-automatic machine it makes life easier for you and also its final results are pleasing. The top cover is transparent and you can see inside.

Bruhm BWT-070H Washing Machine

This machine takes care of every fabric and has 3 wash programs from which you choose that are normal, gentle, and strong. The different wash cycles are controllable using the knob.

Its exterior is covered with a 3mm plastic cover that is a rat repellent chemical that keeps away all rodents thus it will last longer.

If you are looking for the cheapest washing machine in Kenya Bruhm BWT-070H is perfect and will suit most of your laundry needs.

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Features of Bruhm BWT-070H Washing Machine

  • Wash load -7 kgs
  • 1000rpm
  • Semi-automatic
  • Top load
  • Twin tub
  • Pulsator tub
  • Spin capacity
  • 5.5kg
  • Rust-free plastic tub
  • Measures 87cmx46cmx78cm (HXWXD)


  • Rust-free washing tub
  • This top-load machine is convenient
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting


  • Drying speed is a challenge
  • A bit noisy
  1. Mika MWAFS3107SL Washing Machine

Lastly, we have this among the best-reviewed washing machines in Kenya. I love that it is very reliable and convenient. It is a front load, fully automatic with a 7kg washing capacity.

Having numerous features makes your washing experience an enjoyable house chore.

Mika MWAFS3107SL Washing Machine

This machine is super expedient as it uses a quick wash timer of 15 mins per load and your clothes are dry in no time. The dials such as power out, auto restart on top help you to control the functions during the process of washing. There is also a three-compartment dispenser where you put your bleach, washing powder, and fabric softeners.

Unlike other machines, its motor does not make noise during use. Energy efficiency with a rating of A+++. This is to your benefit because it reduces energy costs too. Another commonly asked question is whether this washing machine saves water? Yes, it does and is good for use if your target is water rationing and another good thing is it also reduces the drying time of your clothes.

During use, this machine does not overheat and the temperature is automatically controlled.

Don’t forget it comes with a safety lock/child lock that is important and your child can’t interfere with it or mess with it when you are not around.

Despite it being an unfamiliar brand to a significant number of people, Mika washing machine reviews have shown that it is in deed one of the best washing machines in Kenya.

Features of Mika MWAFS3107SL Washing Machine

  • Output :1950W
  • 1200rpm
  • Powerful motor
  • Has 23programs
  • Fully automatic
  • Front load
  • Delay start
  • Energy rating A+++
  • 15min quick wash
  • IP rating: IPx4
  • Wash load capacity 7 kgs


  • Has safety lock feature
  • Minimal Energy and water usage
  • Fully automatic
  • Machine does not overheat
  • Relative price


  • So popular and demand is high

Closing Remarks

Having gone through our review am sure you can be able to choose a good washing machine and buy one for yourself. It feels relaxing seeing your laundry basket empty with no dirty clothes. It is time to make your laundry easier by getting that washing machine ASAP!

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