Milk ATM Machine Prices in Kenya

Milk ATMs have become very popular among consumers in Kenya especially after the packet milk prices skyrocketed but also due to their convenience and good storage of milk. It is thus a good idea to invest in one and enjoy the profits but what are the milk ATM Machine Prices in Kenya?

If you are wondering what are the Milk ATM Machine prices in Kenya, it is good to note that the cost varies depending on the capacity with a 50 litres machine going for Ksh. 69,000, 100 litres for Ksh. 79,000, and 300 litres for KSh. 245,000.

You can order any of the above milk ATMs from Peupe Technologies by calling or texting 0728569060. Peupe  Technologies is the only fabricator of ATM machines in Kenya that use Lipa na Mpesa in addition to the coins acceptor and keypad.

For those who are not very familiar with a Milk ATM also known as a Milk Vending Machine or Milk Dispenser, it is a machine that works like a traditional bank ATM (and thus the name) but instead of dispensing cash it dispenses Milk after coins are inserted or a figure is dialed on the keypad.

Peupe Technology are the only manufacturers who fabricate Milk ATMs that have Lipa na Mpesa making them fully automated. They are just linked to a dedicated Till Number and every time a customer pays an amount, the machine dispenses the respective quantity of milk at the press of a button.

Factors that Affect Milk ATM Machine Price in Kenya

Capacity – The capacity of the milk ATM machine (in litres) is the quantity of milk the machine can hold. The capacity usually varies from 50 litres to 300 litres and determines the cost of the machine due to the materials used with the smaller capacity costing less.

Number of tanks– Some milk ATM machines can with either 1 or 2 stainless steel tanks especially from 100 litres. This enables the owner to have milk from different batches or different suppliers. The more the number of tanks, the more expensive the machine.

The Design – Some people may request special designs which affect the price

The Features- Some milk ATM machines come with different features such as both coin acceptor, Lipa na MPESA, and keypad while others just have one payment option. This affects the cost.

The cooling unit – Some cooling units are more expensive than others which affects the cost of the machine.

Comparison Table for Milk ATM Machines in Kenya

This is the milk atm machine price list

Milk ATM SizeImageCooler/FridgePrice
20 Litres20 Litre Milk ATM Price in KenyaNoKsh. 35,000
50 Litres50 Litre Milk ATM Price in KenyaYesKsh. 69,000
100 Litres100 Litre Milk ATM Price in KenyaYesKsh. 79,000- 84,000
200 Litres200 Litre Milk ATM Price in KenyaYesKsh. 170,000
300 Litres300 Litre Milk ATM Price in KenyaYesKsh. 250,000

Milk ATM Machine Prices in Kenya

20 Litre Desktop Milk ATM Price in Kenya

This is the smallest milk ATM machine. This machine is the size of a washing machine and can only placed on a table, counter or a raised platform.

20 Litre Milk ATM Price in Kenya

This machine does not have a cooler/fridge and thus only suitable for small business owners who have a freezer or sell milk fast without the need to store it for long periods.

The desktop Milk ATM machine price in Kenya is Ksh. 35,000 at Peupe Technologies (0728569060) who are currently the only manufacturers of this size. However can work with more than 20 litres milk containers as it has a pipe which can be place in any container.

The 20 litres desktop milk ATM is the cheapest milk ATM in Kenya at KES. 35K. You can order one at Peupe Technologies (0728569060).

50 Litre Milk ATM Price in Kenya

If one has a small business, a small budget, or just wants to try their hand in Milk ATM business, a 50-litre machine is an ideal point to start. However, it is good to note that a 50 litre is a small tank and if the area has a high demand for milk the milk will be depleted very quickly.

50 Litre Milk ATM Price in Kenya

The price of a 50 litre milk ATM in Kenya is Ksh. 69,000 at Peupe Technologies (0728569060)..

100 Litre Milk ATM Price in Kenya

The 100 litre milk ATM machine is the most common and most suitable for most people as the quantity is sufficient for most estates. This machine comes with either 1 tank or 2 tanks.

100 Litre Milk ATM Machine Prices in Kenya

The two tanks machine costs more but the advantage is that one can have two different milk batches depending on when milk was supplied.

The cost of a 100-litre milk ATM with one tank is Ksh. 79,000 and with two tanks, it is Ksh. 84,000. You can order one at Peupe Technologies (0728569060).

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200 Litre Milk ATM Price in Kenya

This is an above average milk ATM machine size suitable for an area with higher demand for milk.

200 Litre Milk ATM Price in Kenya

The price of 200 litres milk ATM machine in Kenya is Ksh. 175,000. You can order a milk ATM machine at Peupe Technologies (0728569060).

300 Litre Milk ATM Price in Kenya

This is one of the biggest milk ATM machines available in Kenya. This machine is suitable for big businesses like supermarkets or large retail shops which are very busy and have a high demand for milk.

300 Litre Milk ATM Price in Kenya

The cost of a 300 litre Milk ATM in Kenya is Ksh. 250,000 due to the large storage tanks and large size which requires more materials. You can order a milk ATM machine at Peupe Technologies (0728569060).

In summary, milk vending machine price in Kenya is Ksh. 70,000 for 50 litres, Ksh. 80,000 for 100 litres, and Ksh. 245,000 for 300 litres.

Milk ATM machine price Jumia are above average and am not sure they do offer free installation and maintenance. This is why is advisable to go for a local fabricator like Peupe Technologies who make most of the components locally including the PLC (small computer) and thus can troubleshoot the machine anytime.

I have used Peupe Technologies milk ATMs, and they are the best Milk ATM Machine dealers in Kenya. They also make Salad Machines and Water Vending machines. The above are the milk ATM machine prices in Kenya based on size.

How a Milk ATM Machine Works

The Milk ATM machine has 1 or more stainless steel storage tanks (depending on capacity) for holding the milk. The tanks are equipped with a cooler (cooling unit) to preserve the milk to prevent spoilage. The tank and other controls are housed in the body of the machine.

The machine is equipped with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) which acts as the brain of the machine and performs all functions of the machine including computing amount of money inserted in the machine, the volume of milk to be dispensed, resetting the prices, setting the password, checking daily and weekly sales.

The PLC is what makes the machine automatic and thus it does not need a human operator after the milk has been filled in the tank.

The ATM machine also has a pump which pumps the milk from the tank to the dispensing pipe after the quantity is computed by the PLC.

The milk dispenser also has a front and back lock to safeguard the internal components of the machine including the tanks and controller by preventing unauthorized access. This means that the machine can be left unattended in most places.

The milk ATM machine also has GSM connectivity which enables the owner to check on daily and weekly sales when away from the business.

The outer body of the machine is made from high quality material and it is well branded to attract customers. The machine can be branded with the name of the business on order.

The machine can be moved easily from one point to another as it highly portable. Peupe also fabricates table top Milk ATM machines on order. You can contact Peupe on +254728569060 for viewing or ordering your machine.

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Features of the Milk ATM Machines

  • They comply with KEBS and National Food Safety Authority requirements
  • They have cooled stainless steel milk storage tanks which can either be 50 litres, 100 litres or  200 litres
  • They are connected with phone using GSM connectivity to monitor sales
  • They have precise and accurate metering of the milk quantity
  • They use mains electricity but can also use power backup or solar

At TechPiton we recommend Peupe Technologies as the best fabricators of milk ATMs in Kenya because they make high quality Milk vending machines, offer 1 year warranty, free installation and training on use and data management.

There you have it, Milk dispenser machine price in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 70,000 to Ksh. 245,000 depending on the capacity from 50 litres to 300 litres. If you are looking for a milk ATM machine for sale in Kenya, you can contact Denis from Peupe Tech on 0728569060.

There is no need to go for a second hand milk ATM machine when one can get a brand new machine from Peupe Technologies milk ATMs at a very good cost. I hope I have answered your question on how much does a milk ATM machine cost in Kenya where the price ranges from Ksh. 35,000 to 245,000 depending on capacity.

You can contact Peupe Technologies on 0728569060 to order your Milk ATM anywhere in Kenya whether in Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nyeri or anywhere else because delivery is offered.