How to Choose a Good Bluetooth Speaker

Every music lover knows how it feels to own a Bluetooth speaker but getting the best and choose among the many brands is a hassle. In this guide am going to show you how to choose a good Bluetooth speaker.

As majority of you know, a Bluetooth speaker is a wireless device that produces high-quality sound. The best Bluetooth speakers are available in different shapes, sizes and also they vary in terms of prices.

Well, some will question whether it is important to have a Bluetooth speaker. Yes, you can consider having one as it has so many benefits for you especially if you would like to enjoy some music outdoors especially when traveling.

A Bluetooth speaker also brings people together and people can socialize when sharing music. Again these speakers are wireless thus they are portable and it means you can listen to music anytime you need and anywhere.

Another benefit is that you cannot only use it for music, the Bluetooth speaker also charges other devices such as your phone. This is a wow because I can imagine being in a place with no power your phone is off and no music to keep you engaged.

How to Choose a Good Bluetooth Speaker

Before selecting the speakers you want it is important if you find out and know which type of Bluetooth speaker will work for you.

There are a variety of speakers that that have different features such as  USB port, AUX,water resistance, SD card slot, e.t.c.  There is a an outdoor Bluetooth speaker, home Bluetooth speaker, and car Bluetooth speaker.

If the Bluetooth speaker you need is for outdoor purposes like hiking or camping, a waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker is recommended to make it easy for you. Portable speakers are lightweight, small in size, and easier to carry along.

How to choose a good Bluetooth speaker JBL speaker at the beach

Outdoor speakers should also be water-resistant in case you get rained on or if you want to use them at the beach, pool or near any water water body or even the shower.

What to Look for When buying a Bluetooth Speaker

  • Size – Small Bluetooth speakers are generally best for outdoor or traveling because they can be packed in a bag. Large Bluetooth speakers are more convenient at home since they do not need to be moved. Again large speakers are good for large households since they are loud enough and powerful.
  • Quality of audio– The frequency response of the Bluetooth speakers determines the type of sound quality it will deliver. Of course, most of them vary and they include the high and low 40 meters indoors for example 20Hz to 20 kHz. This means 20Hz is low frequency and 20 kHz is high frequency. This level of response is perfectly okay for human ears
  • Durability – How the Bluetooth speaker is used exposes it to risks of getting damaged. An outdoor speaker is more prone to damage as it is exposed to the environment and susceptible to falls unlike the ones based at home only. A durable speaker should withstand harsh conditions and also should be water-resistant.
  • Price – The better the sound quality and build quality of a Bluetooth speaker; the more it becomes pricier.
  • Battery life– No one wants to keep recharging their Bluetooth speaker after 1 hour or 2. The battery should at least sustain power for longer hours. If you are using it for outdoor activities then you need to have peace about power.


While buying you can compare Bluetooth speaker’s features and see which matches your interests. They are ideally manufactured from different brands and have different variations. The most common and highly rated speaker is the JBL Bluetooth speaker. Their speakers are exceptional and their prices are so relative to the quality.

Some Key Features of a Bluetooth Speaker

  • Bluetooth version – Bluetooth versions have been updated over the years. The first Bluetooth version was the 1.0 version which was implemented so many years ago in 1999. The latest version as we speak is 5.2. This version 5 is quite impressive and has come with great improvements.

Why should you consider version 5? This version has increased the Bluetooth speaker distance range and covers up to 240 meters outdoor and 40 meters indoors.  The duo connectivity is also amazing and you can connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time, unlike the previous version. Large families should use this. Power consumption is also satisfying and the battery life lasts longer

  • Water-resistant rating– A waterproof Bluetooth speaker is of advantage and you need to understand the rating as stated. Some of the Bluetooth speakers should not go over certain meters of submersion and others are fully resistant. The IP rating means Ingress Protection rating.

Are you aware that IP67 is very different from IPX8? The difference comes in that the two numerals have a meaning the first numeral represents the protection from any solids such as dust and it should not be greater than 6. The second numeral represents the protection from liquid and should not be greater than 9. The IPX8 states that this device has no protection from solid but is protected from the liquid and the IP67 ideally states it is resistant from both solid and liquids.

Mi Bluetooth Speaker outdoors

  • USB port and AUX port– The USB port is much better when it comes to charging unlike the micro USB since it is faster and more efficient. The AUX port is as well important I know it is a bit old school but you can connect your device such as a phone using a cable and enjoy your music with an easier connection.


  • Built-in microphone/hands-free – The microphones are important in a speaker and they contribute to the speaker being hands-free because they enable the speaker to pick up voice/sounds. Bluetooth speakers with a hands-free feature is a great investment as it helps you receive calls freely in the car or the office without having to hold the device.


  • Control functions– This includes buttons or dials that guide you to operate this device they include the power button, play button, volume up, volume bottom, and the pairing button. They are well displayed on the speaker’s body.

Closing Remarks

Having gone through my guide, am sure now you know how to choose a good Bluetooth speaker for yourself or your family with no doubts. They are so affordable and you can get one that is suitable depending on your budget. Music relieves and also hypes one during those dull moments.