Best Microwaves in Kenya in 2023 (A Review and Prices)

Do you want to have a microwave that will cook or warm food quickly, evenly, and efficiently? We are going to reveal to you some of the best microwaves in Kenya. This is based on a thorough analysis and personal user experience. A good microwave is an appliance that you should not lack in your house.

There are several brands in Kenya but based on this review, some of the best microwave ovens in Kenya include the LG NeoChef Microwave, Ramtons RM/310, Von Hotpoint VAMS 20DGK, LG MH6535GISW Microwave, and Bruhm BM0720 Microwave among others.

Choosing the best microwave might be difficult and tricky for those who want to buy for the first time. However, we will guide you on how to choose the best and within your budget.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Microwave

  • Type of microwave – The three main types of microwaves which include solo, grill, and convection. A solo microwave is basic microwave that is made to heat food and beverages, defrost foods, and cook noodles. A grill microwave is a microwave can reheat foods and also grill meat, pizza, and fish. Conventional Versus Inverter MicrowaveA convection microwave offers all the above cooking options as well as baking functionality and also come with such unique features as inverter technology. Other categories to classify microwaves include countertop/benchtop, built-in etc.
  • Size/Volume/Capacity- Microwaves range in size from 20 – 50 litres. Small microwaves are ideal for small families while large microwaves (30L and above) are ideal for larger families (more than 4 people) or organizations (commercial).
  • Wattage – This is the quantity of power consumed by a microwave. It ranges from 700 -1200 watts and the higher the number, the faster it warms, defrosts, or cooks food.
  • Pre-set Cooking Menus – Some microwaves come with several preset cooking menus such as popcorn, pizza, potatoes, frozen vegetables among others. Look for a microwave that features the foods that you consume regularly.
  • Child Lock – Some top models come with this safety feature which ensures kids can’t start the microwave without adult help. Microwave can present some hazards thus this is important for people with kids.
  • LCD Screen and Dials – This is a very good feature to ensure one can see the set parameters such as cooking time including pitch dark conditions (for that mid night snack).
  • Noise – An ideal microwave ought to be silent especially for people with young kids and don’t want to wake them up every time the microwave turns on.

In case you are having trouble with identifying excellent microwaves in Kenya, this article is going to guide you by offering various suggestions from topmost brands that compete globally.

Most of the microwave brands are digitally controlled, have a grill, pull handles and almost all have a one-year warranty.

Our Top Pick – Best Microwave in Kenya

If you are looking for the best microwave ovens in Kenya, we recommend the following brands

Best Overall – LG NeoChef Inverter Microwave – This convection microwave has the best build quality coupled with great features such as grill and bake.LG NeoChef Inverter microwave - Best Microwave in Kenya It has a large 42 litre capacity ideal for small and large families. Its massive 1200 W power out coupled with its inverter technology heats meals very fast. It goes for about Ksh. 26,499 on Jumia. Read our full review of this microwave below.

Best Value – Samsung MS23F301TAK Microwave – This gives the user the best value for the money based on its good design and performance. It retails at about Ksh. 19,500 on Jumia. Read our full review below.

Best Budget – Ramtons RM/310 Microwave– This is the best budget microwave because it retails for about Ksh. 9500 on Jumia but believe it or not comes with a 1000 W grill. Read our full review of Ramtons RM/310 here.

Comparison of Top Microwaves in Kenya

MicrowaveImageTypeSize (Litres)ColourPower (Watts)Price
LG NeoChef Inverter MicrowaveLG NeoChef Inverter Microwave - Best Microwave in KenyaConvectional (Inverter)42Silver, Black1200About KSh. 26,499
Check Price on Jumia
Samsung MS23F301TAK/EU MicrowaveSolo23Black800About KSh. 13,195
Check Price on Jumia
Ramtons RM/310 MicrowaveGrill20Silver1000About Ksh. 8500
Check Price on Jumia
VON Hotpoint VAMG-20DGK Grill Microwave OvenVON HotPoint VAMG-20DGK Grill Microwave OvenGrill20Black800About Ksh. 9500
Check Price on Jumia
Samsung MC32K7055CKConvention MicrowaveSamsung MC32K7055CK Convention Microwave Oven edGrill32Black900About Ksh. 29,495
Check Price on Jumia
LG Microwave MH6535GISW GrillGrill25White950About Ksh. 8,995
Check Price on Jumia
Bruhm BMO720 DB Microwave OvenBruhm BMO720 DB Microwave OvenSolo20White700About Ksh. 6,495
Check Price on Jumia

Read below for our full listing of top microwave brands in Kenya.

Best Microwave Ovens in Kenya

1. LG MH8265CIS NeoChef Inverter Microwave

After hours and hours of analysis, the LG NeoChef Microwave emerged as the best microwave oven in Kenya in our unbiased listing.  This inverter microwave has a very good performance, volume and build quality.

This was found to be a vey powerful microwave rated at 1200W which enables it to heat or cook food more quickly compared to the older models. For example, it takes about 1.5 minutes to heat a glass of water in a conventional microwave while it takes less than 1 minute to heat the same amount of water in the LG NeoChef Microwave.

The LG NeoChef is a large microwave having a massive volume at 42 litres. This makes it ideal for most families including those having more than 4 people. The large volume is ideal for bigger meals, think about grilling a full turkey or large chicken in a microwave. If you are also thinking about a commercial microwave in Kenya. This is the microwave you need.

Features of LG NeoChef Microwave

LG NeoChef Inverter Microwave - Best Microwave in Kenya

  • Capacity – 42 litres
  • Wattage – 1200 watts
  • 28 Auto Cook Menus
  • Weight – 11.3 kg
  • Type – Convection (Inverter) Microwave
  • Dimensions: 310 Width (mm) * 540 Depth (mm) *434 Height (mm)
  • Child Lock – Yes
  • Type of control – Glass touch
  • Sensor Cook – Yes
  • Defrost – yes
  • Antibacterial interior coating

This microwave uses the new inverter technology which is different and more advanced than the older conventional and convectional microwaves. A conventional microwave uses magnetic coil (transformer) that alternates power bursts between 100% and 50% through half time cycles.

Whereas, an inverter microwave uses the frequency modulation technology to modulate the level of energy transmitted on the food. For example, when a microwave is set at 50% power, it delivers a steady gush of 50% power on the food for the entire cooking time. This ensures that the food is cooked or warmed more thoroughly and evenly. This prevents cases of undercooked foods or hot spots.

Inverter technology delivers a more efficient and effective cooking but it makes a microwave more expensive. Nevertheless, a microwave does not necessarily need to be an inverter microwave to be a good microwave.

It has a great build quality including gloss tempered glass at the front. The handle design is also very ergonomic with a rounded pocket style that is not obtrusive. It also comes with a unique intuitive touch control such as sliding touch to set cooking time.

You can check the current price or order LG NeoChef on Jumia by clicking here.


  • Great build quality
  • Large capacity at 42L
  • Easy to clean interior with antibacterial coating
  • Very powerful at 1200 watts thus heating faster
  • Ergonomic design
  • Great performance
  • Inverter technology for thorough and even cooking
  • Glass touch technology


  • A bit costly

2. Samsung MS23F301TAK/EU Microwave

This emerged as our second best microwave in Kenya due to the value it gives a user at an average cost. This solo microwave has a capacity of 23 litres and a good beginner microwave for individuals or small families.

Samsung MS23F301TAK/EU Microwave has a moderate output power at 800 watts which is enough for heating average meals fast. This is enhanced by the innovative Triple Distribution System by Samsung. It does better than most solo microwaves.

Features of Samsung MS23F301TAK/EU Microwave

  • Capacity – 23 litresSamsung MS23F301TAK Microwave Oven in Kenya
  • 20 pre-set cooking modes
  • Wattage – 800 watts
  • 6 Power Levels
  • Black glass front
  • Max cooking time – 99 minutes
  • Dimensions: 489 x 275 x 374 mm (WxHxD)
  • Weight – 12 kg
  • Antibacterial ceramic interior
  • Control type – Tact plus Dial
  • Child Lock – Yes

With its 20 pre-set cook menus be sure to prepare your favorite meals at the click of a button. Its ceramic interior is one of the best designs which is very easy to clean. The interior has an antibacterial coating which keeps those nasty things away after repeated use.

The child lock feature which is activated by pressing and holding two buttons together is a child proof. This is very ideal feature for families with kids to avoid any microwave disasters such as heating of metallic objects.

If you are wondering about Samsung microwave prices in Kenya, they range from Ksh. 10,000 to Ksh. 30000. Check the current price of Samsung MS23F301TAK/EU Microwave on Jumia.


  • Good build quality
  • Good performance
  • Average capacity


  • No grill or baking feature

3. Ramtons RM/310 Microwave Oven

This a durable and affordable microwave oven that can warm, cook, and grill your meal. Ramtons RM 310 Microwave is one of the few budget microwave ovens that come with a grill.

It has 7 auto menus which include potato, popcorn, meat, frozen pizza, beverage, and frozen vegetable. It has a stainless-steel rack for grilling and a glass turntable for warming or cooking regular meals.

This was my first microwave oven and I used it for 2 years without any problem. You can read my full review of this budget microwave here.

Features of Ramtons RM/31O Microwave Oven

  • 20-litre capacityRamtons RM310 Microwave Oven
  • 1000W (Grill), 700W (Microwave)
  • Weight and time defrost
  • 11 microwave power level
  • 99-minute digital timer
  • Express cook
  • External Dimensions 439.5x343x258.2mm)
  • Cooking -end signal
  • 6 auto menus
  • Glass turn-table
  • Digital
  • Clock
  • Net Weight: Approx.10.7kg


  • With 6 auto menus, it is easier to prepare common meals with default settings
  • With 700 watts, will cook food efficiently and quickly.
  • The grill features enables one to cook brown food such as roasted meat
  • It is fairly powerful and versatile
  • Its price is also good based on its functionalities and build quality


  • Requires high power

Check the current price of  Ramtons Microwave on Jumia by clicking here.

4. VON HotPoint VAMG-20DGK Microwave Oven

If you wish to buy a microwave oven that combine solo and grill function, then VON HotPoint VAMG Microwave is best for you. It also has multistage cooking capability which allows one program to immediately follow another with digital control panel.

Features of VON Hotpoint VAMG-20DGK Microwave

  • 20L Grill MicrowaveVON HotPoint VAMG-20DGK Grill Microwave Oven
  • Grill Rack Provided
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Adjustable Power Levels
  • 7 Auto Cook Menu’s
  • Jet Defrost
  • Variable Power Levels
  • Weight Defrost
  • Memory Cooking
  • Pre-Set Cooking
  • Express Cooking
  • Multi-Stage Cooking
  • In Built Clock
  • End Reminder Signal
  • Black & Red Finish
  • Child Lock
  • External dimensions 452 x 262 x 348 mm


  •  Easy to set up
  • Control panel is user friendly
  • It has a very light touch
  • Make relatively low noise
  • It has clear instructions
  • Has different heating options


  • It is not very tall

Hotpoint Microwave prices in Kenya vary from KES 8,000 to 30,000, check current prices on Kilimall.

5. Samsung MC32K7055CK Convention Microwave Oven

This microwave has Hot Blast™ technology which is the latest system that reduce cooking period significantly. It has been installed with Widespread Grill that cook food more consistent by improving exposure close to 99%.

With further consistent heat distribution you can enjoy perfect grilled and brown food every moment you use this appliance.

Features of Samsung MC32K7055CK Convention Microwave

  • 32l Convection MicrowaveSamsung MC32K7055CK Convention Microwave Oven ed
  • Hot Blast™ Convection
  •  Output 900W
  • Widespread Grill
  • Large Turntable
  • Drip Down Door
  • Touch aand Dial Regulator
  • Dough Resistant / Yoghurt Creator
  • Turntable Controller
  • 6 Power Points
  • Clock Show
  • Blue LED Display
  • Child Locker
  • Eco Style
  • Finish Black
  • External dimensions 423 x 309 x 480 mm


  • Saves more money on standby
  • Utilise every inch of space
  • More space for bigger plates
  • More even grilling
  • New faster cooking
  • Best for big families
  • Easier to clean


  • Relatively more expensive

6. LG MH6535GISW Inverter Microwave

This is a microwave oven with Smart Inverter technology that offers exact cooking power to rewarm and melt a wide variety of foods quicker. With actual temperature control, you can cook a variety of dishes.

This the smaller brother of the LG MH8265CIS NeoChef Inverter Microwave. It has a smaller capacity at 25 litres as compared to the MH8265CIS which has a capacity of 42 litres.

Features of LG Microwave (MH6535GISW)

  • Grill 950WLG MH6535GISW Inverter Microwave
  • Capacity of 25L
  • Power 1700W
  • Precise temperature control
  • White LED display
  • Child lock setting
  • Panel touch controller
  • Side swing door
  • Clock and time setting
  • Cooking defrost function
  • External dimensions 469 x 257 x 369 mm


  • Smart Inverter
  • Even Heating
  • Various cooking
  • 3 times brighter LED lamp
  • Fast Cooking
  • Tasty Grilling
  • Stable ring to prevents food from slanting and trickling when cooking
  • 99.99% Anti-Bacterial Easy Clean™


  • Uses more energy

LG MH6535GISW Inverter Microwave is about ksh. 10,000 cheaper than the bigger LG NeoChef as it retails at about KES 18, 995 on Jumia.

You can buy or check out the price of LG MH6535GISW Inverter Microwave on Jumia by clicking here.

7. Bruhm BMO720 DB Microwave Oven

If you need a microwave oven that will save space while giving you a better look, then Bruhm is best for you. It has Eco Button which enable you to save standby power up to 40%. It closely resembles a Lyons microwave.

Features of Bruhm BMO720 DB Microwave Oven

  • 20L capacity
  • 700W output power (max.)
  • Express Auto Menu.
  • Digital Control
  • Weight (kg): 2.28
  • 5 power levels
  •  Combined Grill Settings
  • Tandoori Heater
  •  Smart Wave Technology
  • Multi- Stage Cooker
  • 95 minutes cooking timer
  • Defrost setting
  • Child safety lock function
  • Cooking end signal
  • Turn table tray
  • Push button door
  • Preset function


  • Lower power usage
  • Has a grill
  • Fair performance
  • Simple and convenient operation


  • Relatively small

This is one of the cheapest microwaves in Kenya but it did fairly well which was a surprise to us. You can buy Bruhmn on Jumia.

Final Remarks

The above are some of the best microwaves ovens in Kenya. We hope that you have found one that superlatively meets your needs.  Whichever brand you chose (depending on your personal needs) we are optimistic it will not disappoint you.

A good microwave is a must have in all households. You can order your microwave online on Jumia or hop into your nearest Naivas and check out their microwave prices. In case you feel that we have left some microwave brand out which should be included, kindly feel free to contact us by leaving your comment here below.

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