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– Antony Amos

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Best Fridges in Kenya

We have gone out of our way to review some of the best fridges in Kenya this year. Whether you are looking for a budget friendly fridge or something on the high end, we have you covered with several top-notch options.

Ramtons RM/310 Microwave Review

If you are looking for an affordable microwave oven that can warm, cook and grill your meals, then we recommend the Ramtons RM/310. It has a capacity of 20 litres, a microwave output power of 700W with 11 microwave power level and a grill power of 1000 W.

Latest Infinix Phones in Kenya

Infinix is among the top phone brands in the Kenyan market right now. They offer fairly good phones at affordable prices. We set out to find the latest Infinix phones in Kenya and this is what we found out.

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